This Insane Video Proves Google Basically Predicted Pokémon Go Two Years Ago


You might not remember, but a couple of years ago, Google pretty much invented Pokémon Go.

No jokes. The search engine giant launched its Pokémon Challenge on Google Maps and said staff were striving to become Pokémon Master as part of an April Fool's prank back in 2014.

The little treat basically meant you could see Squirtle and co. knocking around when you opened Maps. But Google released a YouTube video alongside it. Watch it and be amazed at how uncanny it is to the game:

Did you see that?! People were using smartphones to catch characters by throwing a ball at them -- the exact thing Pokémon Go does!! It even gets the concept of flicking the screen bang-on. It's blowing our minds.

The Nintendo app game, originally released in Australia, came out of nowhere and is currently dominating the lives of many.

And the US is getting so into it some of us are almost dying. It's not worth it, not even for Mew. OK, maybe for Mew.

Nah, just kidding.