Guy Tells Epic Story About Recruiting A Cop To Play Pokémon Go


The big catch-22 about playing Pokémon Go is obvious: You have to be active in order to succeed at it.

This is not one of those games you can just sit around all day playing to pass the time, nope. You've got to actually go places. You know, catch different Pokémon down the street and find different gyms.

The notion of it is insane, really. Just think, somewhere in some New York City skyscraper, a guy was deciding between using his lunch break to actually eat food or going to catch that Squirtle at the pond in Central Park.

Or, maybe he couldn't sleep at night, and wandered around looking for a catch before bumping into the police, like this guy! This "40 year something white guy" shared an epic story on Reddit about how he ended up recruiting an officer for the red team in the weirdest way.

Comment from discussion Why the fuck am I outside my house at 1am in my underwear trying to catch a meowth?.

That story also began doing the rounds Saturday on Twitter.

So this 40 year something white guy downloads Pokemon Go and goes walking at 2am. He tells this story — Hand of the King (@DeionGottaSTFU) July 9, 2016

Now that the cops are in on it, we can all hope the next time we get stopped is just because an officer saw a Pikachu in your trunk.