We Can All Feel For This Tiny Squirrel Trying To Carry His Pizza Up A Tree

Daily Mail Video

Hey, who remembers Pizza Rat?

Everyone, right? I mean, how could you forget? That rat loved pizza practically as much as memes about Millennials do!

Well, folk, the relatable rodents are back at it again with their pizza-loving antics, and this time, it's squirrelly AF.

Look, this is a video of a little squirrel carrying a big pizza in his little squirrel mouth. It's so simple but so enjoyable. I mean, remember "Fat Guy in a Little Coat" from "Tommy Boy"? That's funny sh*t! Classic comedy!

This is the same concept. Slices of pizza are too big for rats and squirrels! Both of these small rodents are being way too ambitious in their food gathering, and we love it!

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