This Dad Is All Our Passive Aggressive Dads In Note Left On 'Idiot' Son's Mail


OK, I get it: Shipping anything other than a letter can be a bit of a hassle, especially when you're shipping it to another continent.

If anyone is going to struggle through the grueling process of sending a package internationally for you, it's probably going to be your parents.

Usually, they don't mind at all. They've got your back wherever you end up on the globe and will send you what you need.

One dad from the UK wasn't so easygoing when he had to send a package to his son, who had forgotten to pick up his large guitar during his last visit home.

The audacity, right?!

Seems like a silly thing to be mad about, but here's the catch: His son lives in Australia, which is a bit of a trek, and he said he would pick up his instrument but never kept his word.

Of course, his father braved through the packaging, the shipment and the hefty payment of sending internationally and sent the guitar to Australia.

Way to go, Dad!

But, he needed to find a clever way to express his anger toward his son, so he left an angsty handwritten note on the packaging of the guitar.

It's pretty hilarious and was discovered by someone whose friend works at the Australian post office.

He decided to take a photo of the note and post it on Imgur. The cheeky note reads,

Contents: A guitar that my idiot son said he would collect the next time he comes to the UK but changed his mind and asked me to post to him in Oz. Have you any idea what goes into packing a bloody guitar?



LOL. Gotta love parents who have a sense of humor.

Although it might've been a struggle to package and ship a "bloody" guitar, I bet his son had a good laugh when he picked it up from the post office.

I just wouldn't forget any packages the next time I visit home, if I were him.