This Pilot Proposing To His Girlfriend In The Air Will Melt Your Heart (Video)

OK, cool. But, like, I'll be happy in a few minutes, I swear. Can you, like, please focus on flying this plane we're currently sitting in please, though? PLEASE.

I'm assuming Luke DeLisio loves danger. He's the kind of guy who eats fire for breakfast, wrestles bears for lunch and is a cast member of “Deadliest Catch” for dinner.

Why else would he propose to his girlfriend, Mollie-Jean Burgess, 30,000 feet in the air?

Why else would he try to do something notorious for eliciting an incredibly emotional and unpredictable response from someone while simultaneously doing something that requires extreme attention to detail and concentration?

The only logical conclusion here is he must love danger as much as he loves Mollie-Jean.

He also must love cute engagement pictures because while they were up in the air he made sure to circle over a nearby field where he had etched out a cute "MARRY ME?" sign for MJ.

Great. Cute. Adorable. I love you. Now focus on not KILLING BOTH OF US.

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