Guy Had No Clue He Was Taking This Epic Wedding Photo In Front Of The Sunset

by Tim McGovern

Normally, the idea of two newlyweds standing in front of a cliff sounds like the beginning of an Agatha Christie mystery. First he gave her a ring, then he gave her push!

However, in this instance, it's just a beautiful story of romance and a touch of luck.

In fact, luck would have it that photographer Mike Karas was taking pictures of Yosemite's sunset at Taft Point (so named because this is one of the prettiest places President William Howard Taft took a bath... JK, that's not true at all).

Then, two newlyweds went to the ledge to share an embrace in the growing twilight of the vale, and Mike was there to capture it in the least creepy way possible.

Love is so beautiful at sunset, no?

Love at noon? It's... fine, like whatevs.

Of course, Mike had no idea who this pair was. But after one of his friends sent the photo to the Oregonian, he was able to find and contact the couple who wished to remain anonymous.

What? These two lovebirds don't want to be friends with Mike?

Come on, Mike is so cool. YOU GUYS ARE MISSING OUT.

In an interview with the NBC Bay Affiliate, Mike said,

As much of an amazing moment it was for me to capture, it was clearly an even more special moment in [their] life.

Seriously, the regular wedding photographer is probably so jealous.

"Why hire one when you have strangers and Instagram right?" is something I'll one day say to my future, disappointed wife.

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