Man Snaps Pic Revealing Exact Moment 'Adorable' Thieves Stole His GF's Watch

These little Thai girls look like adorable angels.

However, these two girls are secretly up to no good. Can you spot what crime they're in the middle of committing?


Need a clue? The woman's boyfriend posted the photo with the caption, "Girlfriend in the process of having her watch stolen."

If you look closely, you can see the girl on the right starting to undo the woman's watch strap. Oh, dear.

When the photo was posted online to Reddit, it became clear these girls are well known in the area.

One person commented:

Adorable, adorable thieves. I didn't suspect a thing when I saw them! They really do look like their day job is hard work in my pic, though.

Another commented: "Yup, I spotted them too!"


One person explained the woman in the photograph was a very easy target by commenting,

Not gonna lie as a man who grew up in really poor neighborhoods of high tourism areas. Your girlfriend looks like the world's easiest mark. Wealthy, white, tourist, and flip-flops. The open purse is just bonus round.

And it certainly doesn't look like this woman will be reunited with her watch any time soon.

Someone else commented,

I've lived in Chiang Mai for almost 7 years, those kids aren't good, they're expert. That watch is long gone. It was just unlucky for the girl that the button was clicked at that exact second.

That lady needs to watch out next time.