PETA Trolled For Pro-Vegan Tweet On Thanksgiving

PETA's trying -- and failing -- to spoil everyone's Thanksgiving fun.

I mean, seriously, whose job is it to tweet about how we shouldn't be eating turkey today? They're having a very sad and lonely Thanksgiving with hummus.

They didn't really appreciate that the majority of people in the world are not vegans. So sending out pro-vegan, anti-turkey-eating tweets today is just asking for trouble.

Obviously, people didn't take too kindly to PETA's message today.

It read:

Turkeys everywhere are thankful for everyone choosing to leave them off their plate today.

But are they? Are they really thankful?

They don't have feelings. They can't sing, and love, and know the bond between family on Thanksgiving.

Sorry PETA, but they're just feathery sacks of meat that make a stupid sound and taste absolutely fire.

Everyone agrees.

If you don't, please direct your hate mail to my Twitter @ollie_mcateer. Thanks.

The trolling was hard and relentless.

Even Ron Weasley made an appearance.

And Patrick from SpongeBob SquarePants.

The words were harsh and unforgiving. PETA needs to know that, not only are we eating turkey this Thanksgiving, some of it might even go to waste.


Meat-eaters asked PETA for advice on how to cook it. Dominic threw in some pig for good measure.


Can't forget that condiment life.


This guy gave it to PETA straight.


And Eric offered a harsh reminder turkey should be the most thankful of all because it's the bird of choice. I mean, we could have chosen pigeon instead.


PETA, you're fighting a losing battle.

I take great pleasure in telling you around 46 million turkeys are going to be consumed today. And that's just America -- people are probably eating it all over the world right now, just for lols.

Be right back, got some Thanksgiving bird to go eat.