This Student Had The Perfect Response To An Extra Credit Test Question

What do chemistry and hip-hop have in common? To most of us, nothing. But to one student, everything.

Charter school chemistry teacher Daphney Chery posted a photo to Instagram on Friday showing one of her student's hilarious answers to an extra credit question.

The question, which asked students to “briefly explain negativity,” would probably leave most of us scratching our heads. Briefly explain what?

But one student knew the answer — because she had come up with a brilliant hip-hop themed memorization tool to help her nail down the meaning of the science term for extra credit:

The “steal your girl” moniker is in reference to Trey Songz' 2014 track, “Mr. Steal Your Girl,” which, clearly, this student is intimately familiar with because the analogy totally works.

As you can see from the photo, the student's cheeky answer — which Ms. Chery describes as the “most creative” extra credit answer she's ever read — earned her the full five points and a commendation from the teacher.

Now that's how you ace a test.

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