People Share Insane Stories Of Weddings That Didn't End In Marriage

Among the flood of holiday engagements celebrated by optimistic couples over the past month, there is, unfortunately, a percentage who won't make it through their wedding ceremonies.

Curious about the failed attempts of former lovers, Redditor nitcanavan asked fellow users,

Has anyone ever been to a wedding that didn't end with the couple getting married? If so, what happened? How did the guests react?

If you're among the recently affianced and can already feel your cold feet turning black and falling off in your shoes, never fear! It turns out there are plenty of strategies to avoid eternal commitment right up to the day of the wedding.

The "Runaway Groom"

The "No Survivors"

The "OxyClean Getaway"

The "Hoe-neymoon"

The "Punch Drunk Love"

The "Maury"

The "Raiders of the Lost Ark"

The "Wed Redding"

The "Jim and Pam"

The "'80s"

The "Oh, Brother"

The "Dan Conner"

The "Mic Drop"

It certainly is reassuring to know it's never too late to say, "Nah, pass," to true love.