People Are Sharing The Most Ruthless Backhanded Compliments They Ever Received


OK, this is really personal, but I'll share it with you because it's Thursday afternoon and we've all checked out.

My penis size is average. I'm fine with that. *sobs behind giant pillow*

But, to every guy ever, look me in the eyes and tell me you'd turn down a couple of extra inches on your member.

Men want to be bigger. Bigger is better. A bigger penis would make me feel more confident. Heck, I'd probably be the CEO of an energy firm right now if I had the self-esteem of a guy with a massive wang.

So the general consensus from women I'm with is this: "Your dick is perfect, the big ones are uncomfortable."

Wait. What?

So, it's small? Please tell me it's big. My ego needs to hear it.

THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is a backhanded compliment I hate receiving.

What's yours?

People have been sharing theirs on Twitter under #CrappyCompliments.

There are comments on a whole range of topics, like intelligence:

Looks was a big one:

Relationship status:

The kids:

Then there are career "compliments":