11 People Reveal The Subtle Ways They F*ck With People Every Day

For the most part, I believe people are inherently good.

Most of us will stop on the side of the road to help a stranded turtle cross to the other side.

A lot of us will hold open a door for an elderly person, or give up our seat on the subway for a pregnant woman. And many of us would comfort a crying child.

Notice I said "most," not "all."

This is humanity after all, and without the bad you can't really see the good.

Thankfully, a ton of total dickheads on Reddit shared the subtle ways they love to f*ck with people on a daily basis. Read these to either be horrified, or inspired.

What a TERRIBLE person.

OK fine, this one is hilarious.

Going to test this one out ASAP.

Oh, this is cruel.

Isn't this just wasting your own time?

This is almost as bad as telling someone to "calm down."

This person may be a psychopath.

What planning!

Somehow I feel like this would actually make my day, not ruin it.

Attention co-workers: This will be happening to you soon.

And my personal favorite...

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