People Are Outraged Over This Company's Super Sexist Party Invite

Humanity has reached a new low.

Someone sent out a super sexist party invite asking for "attractive females and models only" to attend a Cannes Lions event.

It was put out by a third-party company involved with one of the event sponsors, digital agency VaynerMedia, and sadly, it's legit.

Here it is:

Right? You wouldn't believe it's 2016, would you? It even asks potential "model" guests to send over untouched pictures of themselves so they can be judged on attractiveness.

The invite was sent to a female agency and forwarded to women's rights activist Cindy Gallop, who said, "It's 2016. This is not how you party at Cannes Lions."

Word got out and, naturally, people were pretty pissed about it.

It created such a storm on Twitter that Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of the sponsor company, posted an apologetic video.

Gary seems genuinely upset. He says he's "mortified," takes full responsibility and promises to get to the bottom of it.

At least that went down well.

A spokesperson for VaynerMedia said the agency was not directly involved in hiring the company that sent the email, according to Adweek.

But it doesn't make the invite any less depressing. :(

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