People Are Obsessed With This Kid Who Ate An Entire Watermelon (Video)

Saturday's Big Bash Cricket Mash in Melbourne, Australia has gained unprecedented fame after one fan was filmed devouring an entire watermelon while watching from the stands.

The child, later identified as Australian youth Mitchell Schibeci, shook the gigantic, half-eaten fruit (rind and all!) at the camera when he realized he was being filmed. Schibeci later admitted his watermelon-eating stunt was an intentional ploy to get himself on TV, telling "Today,"

I've seen people do weird stuff and they got on the big screen and I thought I might do it myself.

Naturally, it worked. Soon after the match aired, Australians began tweeting about the heroic #WatermelonBoy and sharing clips of his eating feat.

Schibeci has since become something of a viral sensation — not just in Australia, but worldwide. Take a look below.

Here's a still of Schibeci going to town on the melon:

Some people were super impressed…

…others, simply inspired.

Some wondered how — or why — he ate the fruit so heartily.

And many were just awestruck.

#WatermelonBoy became an overnight sensation.

He probably gave himself a wicked stomachache...

...But as far as we're concerned, it was worth it for this hilarious, immortal clip:

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