People Are Horrified This 'Proud Dad' Let His Daughter Bite Into A Deer Heart


What's the last thing you had for dinner?

Whatever it was, wherever it was, it couldn't have been as exotic as this.

On Tuesday, this screenshot of a proud dad's boastful Facebook post started during the rounds on social media, and it was had people horrified.

Yes, that is a father, bragging about the fact that his 8-year-old daughter just ate a "warm quivering" deer heart.


Oh, and just in case you were wondering, the reactions from people who've seen and commented on the image are in the tone you probably expected.


To be fair, the post wasn't all about the "warm quivering heart," guys. He also talked about how proud he was that his pink ninja princess took down her first stag.

Shot in a bush block on a friends farm last weekend. She made tricky downhill shot using my shoulder as a leaning rest and shot with dads 7 mm-08 at about 40m.

See? It wasn't all about munching on a freshly removed organ from an animal. No big deal.

And there might be some method behind the madness, too. One Imgur commenter tried rationalized, saying,

Weird as it might be for some, eating the heart of your first kill is a hunting tradition.

And then came this reply:

My family has always said that, but no one ever really took it to heart.

Our job here is done.

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