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Here's Why One Group Of People Is Particularly Fed Up With Kim Kardashian

According to a new study released by Treato earlier this month, one group of people has a very negative few of Kim Kardashian. That group, surprisingly, is made up of psoriasis patients.

As ardent fans may already know, Kim K also suffers from psoriasis and has been vocal about it in the past. Apparently, she hasn't been vocal enough. According to the study, which analyzed how patients view celebrities with the same diseases, psoriasis patients say they're annoyed Kim hasn't participated in enough awareness campaigns.

Alternatively, bipolar patients are crazy about Catherine Zeta-Jones, who also suffers from the condition. They see her as a "role model and inspiration" and "as a paragon of who they are: classy, well behaved, and focused."

But Kim K? Not so much. The report states,

No one with psoriasis was positively discussing Kim Kardashian online. Patients often mentioned the episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians in which she was diagnosed as harmful to the already established stigma of psoriasis. There aren't 'like me' discussions by those with psoriasis like there were by those discussing Catherine Zeta-Jones. In discussions patients are annoyed that she could be an important ambassador for psoriasis, but doesn't actively participate in raising awareness.

Guess you can't win them all, Kim.

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