11 People Who Drunk Texted Their Bosses And Probably Lost Their Jobs (Photos)

by Eitan Levine

Drunk texting is this generation's version of incriminating physical evidence.

I'm talking about the kind of evidence you accidentally leave in a file cabinet somewhere that directly leads to you being tried for tax evasion or being involved in Watergate and stuff.

Our generation doesn't have things like that. When is the last time you used paper to write anything? In 2003?

The closest thing our generation really has to screw-ups that remain forever are Vines of us professing our love for passing fads -- *cough* Shawn Mendes *cough* -- and drunk texts.

The combination of alcohol and having the ability to communicate with literally anyone in your life is never a good idea, especially when that person is the entity in charge of giving you money.

Here are 11 people who maybe shouldn't have had such YOLO attitudes toward mixing alcohol, technology and their employers' contact information.

Krissy excels at the art of making drunk LIES.

Sometimes drunk texting leads to looking for love in all the HR-protected places.

What did you hurt? Bone.

You gotta remember to fill out those applicanxes.

Calvin TOMOZ, Sean?

Et tu, cousin?

"Ye wa" all day long, baby.

Is this too honest?

Listen, we ALL miss Terry, but cool it.

This must be SOME boss.

I respect this boss.

By the way, bosses are no better. YOU'RE A DIAMOND, ANNABELLE.

For real though, where is Liz?

Bring your bill, STEERSAr.

Dude, use emoji much?

What's the deal with drunk texting and marriage requests?

"Haxbkeueo" to you, my humble employee.

Don't drink and text. Your livelihood depends on it.