15 People Confess The Crazy Things They've Done To Make Their Exes Jealous

When it comes to coping with the pain of a breakup, you have two options.

You can sit at home and cry into a container of Ben & Jerry's as you feel sorry for yourself or you can get even with that mother f*cker.

Let's face it, revenge tastes a whole lot sweeter than some tear-soaked, cookie-dough ice cream.

Yep, at some point, I think we've all been guilty of doing ridiculous things to get back at our exes for breaking our hearts.

Whisper, the app that lets you post anonymous messages displaying your deepest, darkest secrets, recently asked a bunch of people to dish out the deets on the most desperate lengths they went to in order to make their exes jealous.

From make-believe boyfriends and sexting their exes' squads to fake Facebook accounts and even faux hickeys -- it's pretty clear some people will stop at nothing to make their exes seriously regret giving them up.

Take a look at the pictures below to see people confess all the ways they've tried to make their exes jealous.

Too bad bae is actually make-believe.

Nothing does the trick like a killer revenge body.

I resorted to making fake Snapchats.

This fake hickey will make him furious.

I started dating his best friend.

I make my friends pretend to flirt with me via text.

I asked my ex's mom for dating advice.

He doesn't know the new dude I'm hanging out with is gay.

Two can play at this game.

I created a second Facebook account, and he figured out it was fake.

I doubled up for prom.

I made myself look sexy as hell so he'd miss what he had.

I pretended I was engaged to a new person.

I sexted all of his friends.

I'm only with my new boyfriend out of spite.

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