Twitter/Kelvin Pena

People Can't Get Enough Of This Guy's Videos With His 'Squad' Of Deer Friends


On Tuesday morning, Kelvin Peña's posted a video of his friend's "BM" coming over for a visit.

If you're wondering what "BM" means, it's baby's mama. And if you're wondering whose baby mama it is, your question should really be what has a baby mama.

And if you're now wondering "what," the answer to that question is "Money," Kelvin's "pet" deer.

In keeping with this streak of sentences that a very reasonable person could find confusing, here's something else that might make just as little sense: Kelvin's video with Money's "family."

Yes, this guy has, in fact, become best friends with the deer around his Pennsylvania home, and he's becoming famous for it. His numerous videos are getting tens of thousands of retweets and multiple outlets are writing about his story.

That story appears to have begun on with this video.

Since that moment, it looks like Kelvin really is a part of the deer family.

They even play basketball together.

And count money.

And, of course, now other people want to be like him.

But there's no telling if those people will have the same bond.

Kelvin told Motherboard,

That bond will probably get strong after he starts, you know, feeding them something they're actually used to eating.

And that's great because you know what they say: A family that eats together gets retweets together, or something like that.