This Dedicated Man Got His Penis Stuck In A Wedding Ring For Two Days

I would do a lot of things for love, but getting something stuck in, on, or around my lady bits is not on that list.

Obviously, this man from Liuzhou, China who got a wedding band stuck on his penis for two days is more dedicated than I am -- and probably most of us.

The man, 18, finally called for help after two days when the pain and swelling became unbearable. At that point, he had given up on trying to get the wedding band off his penis himself.

I'm sure he regretted the decision the second he managed to fit the ring on his knob. (How?!)


He was taken to the hospital where firefighters had to carefully and delicately cut the ring off with special tools on September 13.

A bag of ice was put on his crotch to reduce the swelling before they removed it.

It took the team of firefighters 90 minutes to complete the awkward procedure.


Of course, someone was filming it (poor guy).

And because it's 2016, anything that's filmed eventually finds its way to social media. The footage was posted on Chinese social media site Weibo, which is similar to Twitter.

I don't have a penis, but I can only imagine the pain... and embarrassment.

He was lying there with his hands covering his face the entire time.


The internet doesn't know why this man (or any man) would put his wedding band on his penis.

People commented on the video in disbelief, demanding to know why and how the ring made its way onto this man's penis.

One user commented, "This man has really nothing to do? It's laughable."

I'd like to believe that this was a display of affection gone terribly, terribly wrong. This guy is obviously committed -- maybe too committed?

When it comes to pleasing your partner, you should probably just stick to a ring of the vibrating kind. You know, the type of thing that's made to go on a penis.

No matter why he did it, I'm sure his wedding band will stay where it's supposed to in the future.

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