The Penis Mask Is The Perfect Halloween Costume To Go With Bae's Vagina Mask

Not too long ago, we showed you a vagina Halloween mask that will scare the pants off you.

If you're down to jam out with your clam out this year but still want to stick to your annual tradition of coordinating costumes with bae, don't worry.

Sepp Dasbach

We just found the perfect monster costume to complement your terrifying, wrinkly-vagina face mask. It's a one-eyed monster, to be exact.

Behold, the penis face mask.


That's right. Someone actually made a latex penis mask that will transform you into a total dickhead — literally.

If the thought of being a dick for Halloween has aroused your interest, let me give you the D... etails.


This phallic mask is equipped with two eye slits so you can actually see where the fuck you're going, unlike its matching vag mask.

Plus, this male genitalia mask comes in two different colors. That way, you can pick the shade of schlong that matches your complexion best.

While this dick mask still makes me a tad bit queasy, I'll admit this thing is much easier on the eyes than the repulsive nightmare that is the vagina mask.


Plus, it's a lot more forgiving on the wallet since you can score one of these manhood masks for a mere $20, compared to the $480 vag mask.

If you're desperately looking to rock out with your spooky cock out, these dick-shaped disguises are currently sold on eBay.

Just don't get too cocky when your NSFW ensembles win first prize for the most frightening couple's costume of the year that ever existed.

Seriously, I don't think I'll ever be able to look at dicks the same way ever again.

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