Parents Go Incognito To See What Their Children Really Think Of Them

Plenty of us innocently questioned the logistics of the beloved childhood masterpiece “Mrs. Doubtfire.”

How did those kids honestly not recognize their own father masquerading as a massive, Scottish nanny?

Today, we all learn children are not as astute as we always assumed.

Makeup artist and YouTube beauty guru Promise Phan paired with Field Day to disguise three parents and put them in rooms with their children to see what the little ones say behind their moms' and dads' backs.

The kids divulge every last judgment and secret -- including a bizarre memory from one set of siblings who walked in on their father breakdancing at 2 am -- before their parents reveal themselves.

The genuine shock on the faces of these children when they discover their parents are sitting before them is a revelation.

We live in a changed world, people. Doubtfiring is suddenly a very real and feasible option.

Parents, please Doubtfire responsibly.

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