This Teen Throws An Epic Tantrum When Her Parents Crash Her School Dance

Shout out to my mom and dad for never pulling this kind of crap when I was in school.

Unfortunately for high school freshman Beth Bagley from Lehi, Utah, her parents are not quite as cool. Beth's parents decided to show up to her ninth-grade school dance after she made them swear not to chaperone, WNEP 16 reports, and they filmed her reaction because duh.

I admit when I heard her primal scream of teenage anguish, I laughed. I laughed a lot. But, I also felt kind of bad.  I mean, who doesn't remember being 15 and feeling like a school dance was literally the most important event of your life?

But, it's all good. Beth's father, Judd Bagley, said she took it pretty well after the initial shock. He told WNEP 16,

What was truly interesting is right after her friends came around and applauded us. They convinced her to feel flattered.

Now, that's what I call true friends!

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