Paraplegic Todd Krieg And Fiancée Announce Pregnancy


It's 2017, and if you don't announce your pregnancy is some kind of creative and funny way, are you even pregnant?

Everyone is doing it, and although the whole thing is starting to bore me, I have SO much time for how Todd Krieg and Amanda Diesen revealed they are bringing a baby into the world.

You see, Todd is a paraplegic man. Due to his condition, doctors said it would be nearly impossible for them to conceive.

But they beat the odds, and celebrated in style — with this hilarious picture of Todd sticking out his tongue, Amanda cringing and the words “It still works” on the wall behind them.

Kayla Duffin Photography/Instagram

I mean, all guys should be proud “it works” when they're having their first kid.

But for Todd, a former dirt bike racer who became paralyzed after a 2014 accident, it was even more special — and he's got every right to brag about it still working.

Amanda told "Today,"

Kayla Duffin Photography/Instagram

In a strange twist of fate, Todd's career-ending accident brought the couple together.

She was a therapist at the California paralysis recovery center he was sent to, and they got together when Todd eventually admitted he had a crush on his “cute therapist.”

Kayla Duffin Photography/Instagram

They moved to Ohio together, and are now set to welcome a baby boy.

But Amanda had one more surprise waiting for her — as during their photo shoot, Todd proposed.

She said yes and later posted about their story on a website where the winner of a contest gets a free wedding.

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