You Can Own A Part Of This Restaurant If You Eat Its 30-Pound Burrito

by Taylor Ortega

Sometimes a challenge comes along that screams,

This is what you were born to do!

For every Millennial reading this, try to contain your overwhelming sense of purpose when I tell you there's a 30-pound burrito out there waiting for you to conquer its warm, soft burrito body for the chance to win part ownership of a Mexican restaurant.

Brooklyn-based taco joint Don Chingon promises a 10 percent stake in the restaurant to any brave eater who can stomach its Gran Chingon burrito within an hour and wash it down with a ghost pepper margarita before the clock runs out.

A Customer who thinks he or she can brave the Gran Chingon's mix of chicken, steak, chorizo, carnitas, cheese, rice, beans and salsa without taking a bathroom break is welcome to pay the $150 entrance fee and get to wolfing.

Don Chingon does state, however, it is not responsible for any “death or illness” resulting from attempting to house the 3-foot-long meal.

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