Savage Orangutan Has Zero Boundaries, Casually Gropes Woman's Boobs At Zoo

No one knows where this happened. No one knows why this happened and no one knows when this happened. What we do know is it is hilarious.

This video above shows an orangutan blatantly groping a woman's chest, like, on multiple occasions. The clip also raises a couple of questions.

First off, who goes to the zoo or safari, or whatever this is exactly, and decides to take pictures that close to the animals? What happens if one of these orangutans wanted to rip this woman's arm off? Has she not been watching the news lately?

Literally the last thing you should be thinking within two months of the Harambe incident is "Gee, hope I see an ape at the zoo today so I could get up close and personal and let it have its way with me."

That's number one.

Number two, does the orangutan even know what it's doing? No doubt about it. This orangutan put on a master class in creepy middle-aged dude behavior. First, the primate has its hand on the woman's breasts while putting its arm around her. Then, it tries to sneak in a kiss.

Then, it bear hugs her from behind and tries to sneak in another kiss. And, that's all before going all in with two hands. That orangutan is a scumbag for sure. As for the woman actually in the picture, yeah, um, not everything is worth taking a picture.

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