Olive Garden Is Giving Out Free Dating Advice On Twitter With #AskAlfredo

Forget your mom, or your best friend, or even the Hamburgler. Olive Garden is officially the king (or queen) of dating advice.

On Thursday, the Italian restaurant chain took to Twitter to dole out its dating wisdom to the masses using the hashtag, #AskAlfredo, kicked off by Dominique Joelle.

That's right; Olive Garden is here to answer all your burning love questions.

Check out a few responses to lovesick Twitter users below. We have to give it to OG: It does have some pretty good advice.

@SLeasca Absolutely! Who doesn't love sharing their pasta with their loved one? Especially when it's a Never Ending Pasta Bowl! 🍝💏 — Olive Garden (@olivegarden) November 13, 2015

Join the conversation on Twitter now using #AskAlfredo. Who knows, maybe you'll get some free breadsticks out of it.