This Sweet Old Couple Goofing Off Together At A Restaurant Is True Love (Video)


Old people are the best. They have the coolest stories, they always have candy and they frankly DO NOT CARE what anybody else thinks of the way they carry themselves.

When you reach a certain age, you realize life is too short to worry about the way you are perceived by the public and decide to live whatever time you have left on this planet the way you want to.

If you find a partner in crime to do this with, even better.

The Internet is falling in love with this perfect couple blowin' straws and havin' laughs in the middle of a mealtime like it ain't no thang.

This is a glimpse into my future.. Seniors RULE! #adorable~ Brian Mack Posted by 99.9 SUN FM on Wednesday, November 4, 2015

That is 100 percent unfiltered and pure relationship goals right there.

I'm jealous of what they have. We're all jealous of what they have.