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This Is A Major Sign Your Relationship Will Last, According To Research

Curious whether you and your boo will definitely end up together forever? A new study is at least able to provide you with the odds.

A study by Stanford sociologist Michael Rosenfeld shows the longer couples stay together, the better their odds of dying in each other's arms like the elderly duo in “The Notebook” become.

Rather than time wearing on a pair of humans in love, research proved shared struggles and experiences actually strengthened most relationships.

Whether you're half of a same-sex unmarried, same-sex married, straight unmarried or straight married couple, the longer you stick with your lover, the stronger you become as a single unit.

Just 365 days of commitment make a massive difference in a pair's likelihood to end up together for eternity, and married couples, regardless of sexuality, are more likely to remain intact than unmarried folk.

New couples wondering how they'll fare will have to wait it out and wish for the best, as 60 percent of the unmarried couples who had been together less than two months when Rosenfeld began the study were broken up when the sociologist checked back in a year later.

Of course, each relationship is vastly different, and there's no surefire way to tell whether or not you found your forever-love until you reach the end of your days.

If you're an optimist, feel free to take Rosenfeld's results as carte blanche to marry your partner of three months.

Hell, your odds are better that way.

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