Hundreds Of People Texted This Guy Looking For A Free Chipotle Burrito

by Kate Ryan

It seems poor Chipotle just can't do anything right.

After sickening the public with E-coli-tainted food, the Mexican food chain was hoping to make amends by offering free burritos to customers.

All you had to do to was text "raincheck" to 888-222 to get a voucher for a free burrito.

The only problem? Hank Levine's phone number is 888-2222 (or at least it used to be).

Many Maryland residents got excited about the prospect of a free burrito and texted the wrong number. As a result, Levine received over 200 texts on Monday from ravenous Chipotle fans.

The first text was simply a question mark followed by, "I want my burrito." Like anyone in the same situation, Levine made sure to get his free burrito first, then buckled up for an avalanche of misdirected texts.

UPROXX reports Levine reached out to Chipotle about the mistake, and the chain replied with its usual fix: free food.

It's true: Free burritos solve everything.

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