Newlyweds Discuss Differing Opinions On Kids And Starting A Family (Video)

As any dating coach worth his or her salt will tell you, the key to a successful relationship is communication.

But talking with your partner isn't always easy, especially if you want different things.

In this new video by The Skin Deep, newlyweds Lynette and Corey return to discuss their hopes for their future as a couple and as a family.

While Corey is adamant about wanting children soon (Lynette jokes he has “baby fever”), his wife isn't sure if she feels the same way.

In fact, she explains, the thought of having kids in the near future “irritates” and scares her.

Reconciling these differences and coming to an agreement that satisfies both parties is crucial for their relationship to survive. And the only way to do that, as The Skin Deep's inspiring series has proven time and time again, is to talk openly and honestly.