New Wine Purse Lets You Get Drunk Anywhere And Stay (Kind Of) Classy


Guys, I've been dreaming of the day I could dispense wine from my own purse without being shamed by society for years -- many, many years.

It all started in college. My roommate and I became expert wine-smugglers, placing our bottles carefully in the crevasses of our purses before breaking them out at the nearest party on campus.

It was tricky, but it was worth it.

To this day, I utilize my wine-smuggling skills that I perfected in school, but it looks like I won't have to anymore.

Why? Because there's a new purse on the market that has a wine dispenser attached to it for easy pouring on the go, and it's called the PortoVino tote.

Let that sink in.



It's basically our own portable happy hour, and it's making it simple AF to drink anywhere we want to without needing to carry around a heavy bottle (or two).

Plus, if you're selfish and a little bit broke, you can roll up to a party with one of these babies and drink on the sly without feeling the need to pour each one of your friends a glass.

Before you spend your paycheck on a tote in each color, you should be aware of how it works (trust me, it's super easy).

1. Pour your favorite bottle of wine into the bag that comes with your purse.


Apparently, the bag fits two bottles -- so stock up on the booze!

2. Shove the wine-filled bag into your PortoVino.


The bag is big enough to fit all of your wine and your going out essentials, so don't fret.

3. Dispense the wine from your tote and drink up.


Cheers! Your purse is the hit of the party!

If you aren't convinced you need one of these tote bags as soon as possible, I'm not sure you're a true wino and you probably don't deserve one.

For those of you who are rightfully interested in purchasing your own, check out the PortoVino on BellaVita Bag's website.

They're being sold for about 75 dollars online, and they come in blue, black and red.

I'll probably be buying a bag in each color.

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