Couple Gets Super Real About Whether Or Not They Have A Future Together (Video)

The Skin Deep's latest video tackles a situation all new couples experience: the moment when you begin to wonder about your future together.

In the video, Emily and Bobby, who've been dating for two months, discuss turn-ons, fears and saying "I love you" for the first time.

At one point, Bobby asks Emily if there's anything she's hesitant to tell him. She struggles for a full minute before admitting Bobby gives her an intense feeling and makes her want to say she loves him (but she doesn't actually say it).

It's tense, it's awkward, it's exciting — it's all the things a new relationship should be.

The full video is close to seven minutes long, but it's absolutely worth the watch. Check it out up top, and see more from The Skin Deep's powerful relationship series, "The And," here and here.