A Lot Of Netflix Users Aren't Going To Be Happy About This Major Change


Netflix's awesome original content has us all by the balls, and come May, we'll be paying for it.

Sure, we're already paying for it, but 37 percent of us are apparently paying the grandfathered rate of $7.99 in spite of the recent price jump for new users.

Next month, however, the streaming site plans to raise every last subscriber's rate to $9.99, regardless of when the service was signed up for, Yahoo! reports.

For the roughly 17 million of us who have been enjoying episodes of “Jessica Jones," “House of Cards” and “Orange Is the New Black” while pocketing that extra $2, the change feels somewhat abrupt.

According to a survey by JP Morgan, 80 percent of subscribers eligible for the price hike this time around are unaware any changes are being made to their monthly bills.

The difference is marginal, but when it comes to money, a loud and clear heads up would be nice.

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