16 Photos That Will Definitely Make Any Neat Freak Go Completely Insane

We all have some deep-seeded neuroses in our bones.

It's almost science, honestly. If you walk into a room and see a shirt in the wrong place that makes you physically itch or you can't go to sleep until that dish in the sink is clean, you're like a million other neat freaks.

Even people who are bad at texting probably cause internal reactions in you on par with bugs under your skin or when someone on the subway coughs on you.

Luckily, I'm a disgusting, garbage mess of a human who never deals with this at all, but I did used to go out with a girl who was a neat freak and would CALL ME anytime I had a grammar error in text messages I sent to her.

I thought this was funny, so I kept making mistakes on purpose for my own personal amusement. She didn't think it was as cute a thing to do as I did, and needless to say, things between us did not last.

(She's actually living in Philadelphia nowadays with her husband who is some kind of doctor prodigy at the University of Pennsylvania. She clearly made the wrong decision to end things with me. I'm sorry, Jen. Please, come back.)

Want to know if you fall into the category of neat freak?

Look at these pictures, and if by the end of the article you haven't puked on your computer, you're probably a nasty slob with no hint of neuroses in you.

What is this county trying to pull here?

This cruel prank is genius and evil.

These pencils may be number two, but they're the number one most awful thing that can happen to an obsessive person who needs a pencil.

This would KILL Monk.



Go home, roads. You're drunk and infuriating.

This is a problem for those of us with compulsions and also the cock-eyed architect who drew out the floor plans.

"You mad, brah?" -- this tile thing.

Fig Newtons are the devil's pastries.

But, like, why do this?

I see a trend of poor construction and obsessive compulsive disorder triggers going hand in hand.

On the plus side, this person didn't get an extra white-coconut flavor. That flavor is nasty.

Vodka is probably the only real way to make a neat freak chill for a bit.

Take your anger toward things not in perfect order TO THE MAX.

Would getting one more light green tile KILL you, people who constructed this bathroom floor?!

I'm dead now.