This Adorable Boy Decided To Take A Nap Right In The Middle Of His Baby Race

First of all, yes, baby racing is apparently a thing.

To celebrate family day last night, the Sacramento Kings took a brief break from basketball to bring some slightly smaller athletes to the court.

Parents of "the fastest crawlers in Sacramento" lined up their babies and encouraged them to shuffle their little, tiny legs as fast as they could toward the finish line.

Some babies just immediately started crying, which is honestly probably what I would do with all those people staring at me. Some just took a seat and didn't move at all. But two babies, Landon and Gemma, really took off.

It was looking like a tight race -- anyone's game, really. Landon took a slight lead until he realized something very important: Napping is way better than racing!

It was a two baby @KPShare Baby Race until one decided to... take a nap! — Sacramento Kings (@SacramentoKings) March 13, 2016

Honestly, this kid is my hero. Look at the beautiful disregard for the competition in favor of just straight-up sleeping. This kid is me anytime I try to do anything ever.

Of course, that meant Gemma was the reigning baby champ that night, but I think we all know who the real winner was.

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