Naked Club Nights Are About To Be A Thing, So Never Leave Your Apartment Again

People in London really, really, really love to be naked.

After its first successful naked pop-up restaurant that allowed guests to eat in the nude, people seem to have gotten attached to the stripped-down lifestyle.

Now, the naked craze is making its way to nightclubs, and The Takeover Bar in Soho, London is ready to give it a try.

What can go wrong, right?

LOL. We'll see.

According to Metro, the club announced it will soon host "Get Naked" nights, where guests will be allowed to take off all their clothes among music, dancing and drinking.

Say what?!

As you could probably imagine, tickets are already selling like crazy, according to Huffington Post.

If I lived in London, I might even buy a ticket and give it a try. Why not, right?

Plus, if you partake in the nakedness, you'll be given a bottle of champagne in the spirit of not giving a fuck and having a great time.

So, cheers!

But, not everyone in the club needs to be naked. You can keep all your clothes on and still have a blast.

Apparently, there will be hula hoopers and magicians at the club during "Get Naked" nights, which is sure to make things EXTRA weird, even if you're fully clothed.

Josh Walker, whose PR team is in charge of the event, spoke with GetWestLondon and explained why Get Naked nights will be a hit in the area.

He said,

Soho is bohemian, sexual and liberating - and the venue is intimate, so we are expecting a sell out.

That makes sense, right?

The first "Get Naked" night was supposed to take place on October 7 but is being postponed -- so it looks like we'll have to wait and see what happens.

I wonder how long it'll be before good ole NYC gets one!

Actually, I'm afraid to find out.

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