Trending Twitter Hashtag 'My Truth Serum Confession' Proves We're All Freaks

Most of the time, the Internet is a great place for spreading misinformation. Other times, it can be a gateway for voicing the weird, little truths we'd rather broadcast to millions than speak out loud, even to ourselves.

Trending on Twitter, #MyTruthSerumConfession works much like the truth serums of spy movie lore: It'll get you talking... and then some. Perhaps, this was just the excuse we needed to say the things we wanted to confess all along.

Here's a roundup of all the #MyTruthSerumConfession tweets that bring out the freaky-deaky side in all of us.

You and me both, brother.

Some? Try all.

If only we could bottle it...

Please! Show me the way!

This just got GRAPHIC.

I can't believe it! JK, I can.

It takes bravery to reveal a beauty hack.

Just admit you're actually 12, Orlando.

That's one way to describe your terrarium.

That's just good business strategy.