Move Over, Pizza Rat: Selfie Rat Just Took The Win (Video)

The era of the Pizza Rat has come to an abrupt close.

Earlier this week, Pizza Rat's rodent successor claimed his throne when he climbed upon a Brooklyn man's lap and triumphantly took a selfie.

The rat was minding his own business in his home at the President Street subway station in Crown Heights, Brooklyn when an opportunity presented itself: a man, passed out, with his phone at the ready.

The crafty rat carpe diem-ed the f*ck out of there and crawled onto the man's lap, dislodging the cell phone from his unconscious grip.

As the phone fell, the camera fired, snapping a portrait of the rascal rodent.

The flash startled the man awake, prompting him to frantically brush the sneaky subway dweller off of his body, but the deed was already done. Selfie Rat had already returned home to accept his crown and begin his reign of terror (we hear he's rallying the troops for "Operation: F Train").

A passerby even documented the rodent's rise to power for proof. See the footage, (featuring the new rodent ruler's first official portrait as king) below.

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