Mom Writes Heartfelt Letter To Teen Boy Who Taught Her Daughter To Skate


Jeanean Thomas tried to encourage her daughter, Peyton, when the 6-year-old expressed she wanted to skateboard, but Peyton feared the sport was “just for boys.”

When Jeanean and Peyton arrived at the skate park, the mother claimed the sight nearly scared Peyton away from achieving her goal.

She explained,

But one boy in the group did something so generous it completely changed the Ontario mom's perspective and made Peyton's dream a little less daunting.

In a post on Twitter, Thomas thanked the teen, writing,

In an interview with CBC News, the mother-of-one insisted her bias was significantly challenged by the selfless behavior of the skater.

She shared,

With plenty of confidence and a bit of technique learned from her skate park encounter, Peyton reportedly skates all the time.

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