Tinder's Most Swiped-Right Man Describes The Perfect Profile For Women (Video)

Self-professed “Netflix and chill kinda guy” Andy Mizrahi is the most right-swiped man on Tinder in the great state of New Jersey.

In a new video from Tech Insider, the dating app success story shares tips on how women can escape the sexless prisons of their lives and get a damn date.

Mizrahi doesn't want to see your kids or your guy friends in photos and recommends his potentials keep it tight.

He stresses,

Be hot. Number one rule of life. Just be hot… Be hot. If you're not hot, get hot. Just do it.

Ladies interested in gazing across a candlelit dinner table at Mizrahi's shark eyes should work on posting full body photos, as well.

The 28-year-old divorcé says,

Show, like, oh, you have a body, what it looks like, it's real.

Noted. Active, career-oriented women also score well for Mizrahi, but single moms can take a number.

Get going! The most right-swiped man on Tinder (NJ edition) waits for no one.

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