This Monkey Basically Adopted A Stray Puppy And It's The Cutest Thing


If this doesn't become a heartwarming animal-buddy movie from Pixar in the next few years, then I don't understand why we even bothered inventing CGI or computers.

I don't want to see another movie about sentient cars or a bunch of bugs, or what life is like inside of people's brains, until I see something about this monkey who adopted a dog in India.

Listen, I'm sure this is a run-of-the-mill event in places like Australia where animals roam the streets and adopt WHATEVER they want, but everyone else in the world is freaking out about this animal pairing.


FYI, I named the monkey "Moshe" and the dog "Avi."

Just sittin', livin' life as Moshe and Avi tend to do.

Moshe and Avi straight thirstin'.

Moshe FIGHTING for Avi's honor.


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