Mom's Brutally Honest Post On What Sex Is Really Like When Pregnant Goes Viral

by Alexandra Strickler

I'm not in any particular rush at the moment, but when I really think about it, I'm pretty excited to be pregnant one day.

Just the thought of carrying around a human life inside my own body that I helped create -- it's all kinds of mind-blowing and amazing.

But I would imagine there's also quite a few drawbacks to being pregnant. I mean, it can't be easy navigating your normal life with an extra 20 or 30 pounds tacked onto your typical body weight.

And a "normal" sex life? Is that even possible?

Thanks to Mel Watts, we have a few (brutally honest) answers.


Watts is an Australian mother of three (soon-to-be four) who runs an awesome blog called The Modern Mumma, which she describes as her "journal of what I feel, what I want, what I need and what I'm thinking."

She's built her brand on being super raw and honest about the many trials and tribulations of motherhood.

So, naturally, when Watts penned a long Facebook post the other day about what she referred to as "pregnant intimacy," she did not hold back whatsoever.

In her post, Watts says there are some women who "love a bit of loving from the big D."

And then, she said, there's her.

She wrote,

We try. I really think we do. I know how I got in this situation and I promised myself this time would be different. I'll embrace it - I said. I'll thrive - I said. I'll love him so much more - I said. I'm going to be the best sex goddess ever when pregnant - I said. Well here I am. Beach whaled AF. Sweaty. Wearing a liner - not because I'm that kind of wet.

Watts openly confronts what might be the grossest parts of being pregnant - rashes from stretching skin, weaponized breasts that could "knock anyone out" and lots of heavy breathing.

She continued,

I'm filled with 10 fingers, 10 toes and all sorts of body parts that stick out. And he'd still happily call me beautiful and sexy. Like what is wrong with this man? I'm at my worst. I'm leaking, I stink, I moan and grown, I'm hairy and I reckon I'd have more sweat under my titties than he'd have in his gooch on the hottest summers day.

Despite all of this, she writes, her husband still wants her.

Damn, now THAT'S true love.

Everyone needs to find a man like this...


... one who can be just as real as Watts is about pregnant sex...


... and acknowledge the juices "flowing down there."


So many women can relate to Watts and her brutal honesty.




Don't get me wrong -- I'm still excited to have my own baby one day.

Only now, armed with my newfound, real-AF knowledge, I'll probably invest in plenty of lotion and panty liners beforehand.

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