Mom's FB Plea Convinces Thieves To Return Boy's Bike

James Brewster's father passed away last year, and one of his most cherished possessions is a bike that his dad gave to him.

Sadly, it was stolen from outside of his home in County Armagh, Northern Ireland. With the anniversary of his father's death approaching, James took it incredibly hard.

His mother Una said,

It was the first time he had cried over the last few days, with the whole build-up to the anniversary. I said, 'We'll get this sorted, we'll get it back. I'll do a campaign on Facebook and put out an appeal.' He lit up at that. I thought I would try and speak to the person that did it.'

So she took to Facebook, asking whoever stole the bike to return it with no questions asked because the bike meant an incredible amount to her 9-year-old son.


She wrote,

Let me put you in the picture… you have caused more heartache to a child who tomorrow will be remembering the nightmare which unfolded one year ago to the day… one that no child should ever experience, that of losing his father… and to make it worse this bike was a gift from his daddy. If you have a heart at all return the bike please and nothing more said.

Then three days later, the bike was returned.

Una wrote on Facebook to thank all of the people who showed her family kindness and support. She especially thanked the person who chose to return the bike, writing,

An amazing thing happened today... a miracle in Pinebank! ...What a beautiful ending to this story and one I had faith was going to happen, the reason being the incredible outpouring of concern and help from so many people to have it returned... from all those friends and strangers who shared my post, those who searched for it, to all who offered to replace the bike, you were unbelievable! We will never forget it! And lastly to whoever returned the bike, you have done an amazing thing! An incredible thing! And made James one very happy boy. Thank you.

She said,

It's made our Christmas already. James's younger brother, Michael and sister, Clara are over the moon, especially Clara, who cycled to school with him this morning.

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