Mom Wears Wonder Woman Outfit To Gym On Her Birthday For Most Inspiring Reason


Despite sounding cliché, moms really are superheroes.

What normal human being has the ability to take care of themselves and a kid or two? We're talking about feeding, raising, discipline, relearning how to do basic math to help with homework, making sure the kids don't swallow rocks or something.

So really, a mom dressing up as Wonder Woman to go to the gym doesn't even surprise me. It seems like that should just be basic active wear for mothers.

Twitter user Clara recently tweeted out pictures of her mom rocking a Wonder Woman costume for her trip to the gym, and it's pretty adorable.

But her mom's reason for wearing the outfit is everything. She texted her daughter,

Well, I did it! I sat in the car for five minutes before I got the courage to go to the YMCA and work out. I wanted to work out as wonder woman on my 46th birthday to remind myself how strong I am. It was so fun! You should try it sometime.

Like honestly, let's take a moment to appreciate how badass this mom is.

She went to the YMCA in a full cape, took only FIVE minutes to be like "eff it, let's roll," and it was to remind her of how strong she is?

I am loving this concept. It takes me literally two hours to psych myself up to go to the gym in my workout clothes.

So, really, the question we should be asking ourselves is why aren't we more like this badass mom? Currently, I'm on Amazon looking for a costume for my own inner superhero to hit those weights.

Come on, you know whom I'm talking about...

Anyway, awesome job, Clara's mom. Continue to kick ass like the princess of the Amazons you truly are.