This Mom's Underwear Is Going Viral Over A Furious Note Her Neighbor Left Her

Welcome to Britain: A place where the sight of one's frilly underwear is enough to send someone keeling over and fainting in the most dramatic way possible.

We're in a little village called Stokeinteignhead in England's deep south. It doesn't get more country than this. Seen "Hot Fuzz?" It's basically the setting for that movie.

The village is picturesque, a place where dreams come true. But on Monday, the quaint scene turned nightmarish.

For there, hanging from a washing line opposite an elementary school, were a pair of panties fluttering in the wind with malicious intent.

They belonged to Mrs. Wilkinson.

And her neighbor was so angry about it he ripped the underwear off the line and posted it to the house with a note.

Only problem is, Mrs. Wilkinson's daughter uploaded a photo of the underwear in question to Facebook and now the entire world has seen the pair.

Dat spelling, tho.

Here it is in proper English,

It is totally inappropriate for this type of garment to be displayed opposite the village primary school. There are members of this community who would welcome a halting of this.

I think this mom has strong underwear game.

Here's to you, Mrs. Wilkinson.