Neighbor Hilariously Mistakes Babysitter's Taquito For Cigar

We've all occasionally mistaken a Mexican snack for a cigar, right?

No? Just this babysitter's neighbor? Well then.

Sarah Holder, a high school senior from Overland Park, Kansas, was driving around her neighborhood on Sunday, enjoying a nice, tasty taquito -- as one does.

Then, Sarah's neighbor -- who also happens to be the mother of the children for whom Sarah babysits -- was told by her husband, Randy, he had spotted Sarah driving around with what appeared to be a cigar dangling from her mouth.

The mother of the children promptly texted Sarah to let her know the jig was up and her husband, with his superhuman vision, had caught her setting a supposedly bad example for the children in the neighborhood by smoking a cigar.


Her text message read,

Except, Sarah's so-called "habits" actually involved a simple indulgence of a deep-fried, small tortilla rolled around a delicious filling of meat and cheese -- aka a taquito.

Sarah quickly filled her neighbor in on what her "bad habit" really was. And (because why not?) Sarah took to Twitter to share this awkward but hilarious mix-up.

Nearly 50,000 people have retweeted her so far.

Sarah told BuzzFeed News,

Perhaps Sarah can mend the awkward rift with her babysitter by using what got her into this mess to bring them closer together: taquitos!

Is there anyone who doesn't enjoy a warm, gooey, greasy taquito?

I mean, if Sarah's neighbors think eating taquitos constitutes a bad habit, then I certainly don't want to be good.

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