Woman's Selfie Shows What Moms Really Look Like Right After Giving Birth


Just 24 hours after giving birth to her fifth child, Erica Andrews from Zanesville, Ohio posted a gorgeous picture of herself to Facebook to showcase what motherhood really looks like.

The black-and-white selfie from January 19 shows Andrews smiling in her bathroom mirror as her baby, tied up in a sling, breastfeeds. Andrews' new-mommy belly is slightly pushed out, and she wears an adult diaper, yet she looks absolutely stunning.

In the caption, Andrews wrote,

The post, shared on linen company Sakura Bloom's page, was shared more than 35,000 times and boasts more than 134,000 likes. The responses to the image were overwhelmingly positive, with fellow mothers and women commending Andrews for her strength and openness.

See the beautiful post below.

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