Mom Replying To Own Tweet Is All Our Parents Trying To Fit In With Millennials

by Tim McGovern

Hey, at least this mom has a Twitter account. As for me, my mom still thinks Twitter is a way to carry messages written upon scrolls via small birds.

One mother decided to get hip with the dope program (as the youngsters say) and posted this fresh tweet that makes it seem like she's going through an existential crisis and questioning the meaning of everything.


If my mom tweeted, "Nothing," I'd be sure to check in and see if she was OK and hadn't become a full-on Nihilist sporting a thick German accent.

However, Christina's reply makes sense when you think about Twitter's text box prompt that asks, "What's happening?"


Yes, that's right. Christina thought a person had asked her "What's happening?" Then, Christina shut that person down with her blunt response: "Nothing." She didn't even include punctuation! That's cold.

Of course, this would have been an epic diss... had a person actually asked her the question.

Needless to say, Christina's son Chad Doolan did what all of us would do if our mothers were caught talking to themselves on Twitter and posted that shit for everyone to see.

Something tells me this is going to make Thanksgiving especially interesting this year.

Listen, Christina tried so hard to fit in with us young folk. Let's cut her some slack... NOT.

Keeping up with us Millennials is hard, what with our ability to tell the difference between a human asking us a question and an app on our iPhone.

I think it's safe to say Christina learned her lesson.

I just hope she doesn't go on Facebook, see the prompt "What's on your mind?" and proceed to divulge, "Well, Bob is getting distant of late. I don't know how to say this. I think he's having an affair with Carla the paralegal," all over her Facebook wall.

But, seriously, Bob. Go home to your family.

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