Mom Loses It Over News She's Going To Be Grandma In Hilariously Adorable Video


If I became pregnant right now, there would be no laughter, and certainly no happy tears. That's a fact.

While I try to avoid the whole "baby" thing at all costs, others are trying to become pregnant and rejoicing when they find out they're expecting.

Announcing an anticipated pregnancy is typically celebratory, but I've never, ever seen a mother this happy upon receiving the news she was going to be a grandma.

If this video doesn't make you smile, then I'm not quite sure you have a soul. This is pure bliss, people.

The hilarious video begins when the mother's daughter hands her a gift, which the mom approaches ever-so carefully.

Once she unwraps the present, she gasps and lets out a long, piercing scream.


Then, she lets out another scream...


...and another... and another.


It's safe to say this woman is the happiest she's been in her entire life.

In fact, she says "Oh my God" 24 times after realizing that her baby girl was going to have a child. She even paces the kitchen, wide-eyed and clapping as she tries to process the news of the pregnancy.


Once she calms down for a few seconds, her daughter can be heard talking through the laughter, saying,

I think she might die!

But moments later, she asks her mom if she's excited.


After the duo hugs, her mom gets even more information that's seemingly hard to handle. Apparently, she was the first person to find out about the pregnancy.

After the heartwarming, yet hysterical, reaction, she asks her daughter when she's due and she responds with "September."

Until then, I'm sure she'll excitedly help her daughter throughout the joyous pregnancy. I'm sure she'll be the funniest grandma come September, too.

Congrats, guys! Although we're still laughing at your reaction, we're truly happy for both.

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